KFC is one of the multinational restaurant chains in the United States, and the second largest fast food chain and the largest Fried chicken chain in the world. HONOURTEK fits the design concept of "Dining Room" of KFC, creating a new image of fresh home and fashion interest with simple and scene-like lighting.



HONOURETK professional lighting solutions

HONOURTEK is honored to provide professional lighting solutions for KFC, which is in line with the design concept of "Dining Room" of KFC restaurant, abandon bright and rigid, single color block, with simple, scene lighting, create a fresh home, fashion and interesting new image, show the characteristics of humanity and food taste.


KFC restaurant takes the restaurant and the bar as the visual center. Retro elements are combined with simple industrial style. With the help of the rendering of ceiling light, it integrates with the scene and increases the thickness of time. It shows KFC's empathy for the changes in consumer demand, and creates a comfortable dining environment for consumers.

The downcast shoot lamp of long mensal reflects downy lamplight, adornment on the wall hangs a picture to be hit precisely bright, complementary with the partition that furnishing greenery, make every area resembles the dining-room in the home, no matter repast, chat, or read a book, get online, can each take what need not be disturbed.




Together with KFC, HONOURTEK focuses on shaping the new retail scene with professional lighting, providing customers with a pleasant and convenient dining experience.


Product used

Products for KFC project used HONOURTEK Delux Classic Level product, which contains HRA0407 / HRA0607 / HRA0610 / HRA0613; 3000K. CRI Ra≥95,R9 ≥50; Color reduction effect more outstanding, to meet the needs of high-end lighting.