Delux HRA0613

15W Class high lumen output and efficacy from a single, easy-to-use LED array The HRA0613 LED Array delivers high lumen output and high efficacy in a single, easy-to-use package that eliminates the need for reflow soldering. Optimized to simplify designs and lower system cost, the HRA0613 LED Array can deliver system-level performance of 800 to over 3600 lumens, enabling applications ranging from trackinglihgts to commercial downlights.

Data sheet(pdf) File

Size 13.35×13.35 mm
LES 6 mm
Voltage 36 V
Current TYP 450 mA
Current Max 750 mA
Watts TYP 16.2 W
Watts Max 30 W
Light Output Range 800 – 3600 lm
Spot Light
Down Light
Par Light