HONOURTEK Holiday Inn – Suzhou China

Holiday Inn - Suzhou China


Holiday Inn at Ronghui plaza in Suzhou is a special brand of intercontinental hotels group,it is also one of the most "Lifestyle" brands. HONOURTEK work with CDN lighting used properly, lighting design will allow Suzhou culture elements with the hotel culture as a whole, for passengers to create comfortable living in the light of experience.



HONOURETK professional lighting solutions

The design concept of the lobby lighting is derived from the smooth curve of the canal. The embedded down light combined with the brushed champagne gold stainless steel shape runs through the columns, just like the water of the canal winding forward and the stars pleating from afar.



The "embroidery" cafeteria on the first floor of the hotel, with an open kitchen of 360° and fresh and elegant furnishings in matching colors and consistent lighting, makes the bright and lively atmosphere of the restaurant a pleasant appetizer. The grille down lights above the dining tables and individual tables provide key lighting, creating an interesting interactive experience for diners.




Spotlights and down lights appearance modeling, while satisfying corridor illume demand, can assure again not usurp the host. The warm color and temperature fit the atmosphere style of Ronghui plaza holiday inn, conveying the culture of Suzhou to the passengers


Product used

CDN Lighting products for this project is Fanghua Series light which use HONOURTEK Delux Classic Level product, which contains HRA0407 / HRA0607 / HRA0610 / HRA0613; 2700K/3000K/3500K average index Ra≥95, R9 ≥50; Color reduction effect more outstanding, to meet the needs of high-end lighting.