HONOURTEK Hema Fresh food supermarket

Hema Fresh food supermarket

Hema Fresh food supermarket is an O2O experience store of fresh food, which is owned by Alibaba and integrates high-tech, Internet and personalized consumption. HONOURTEK provides professional lighting solutions to facilitate offline shopping experience with high quality light effect.














HONOURETK professional lighting solutions 

As an explorer of new domestic retail supermarkets, Alibaba has not stopped market research and upgrading. The brand new store design is another new attempt of Hema Fresh food supermarket. Comprehensive consideration of factors such as photosynthetic efficiency, cost, HONOURTEK work with CDN lighting design the solution for Hema Fresh food supermarket, in sense of science and technology, the interactive features on the basis of the fans, with the light of appropriate improvement merchandise display lights, stimulate consumer customers.

Commercial space lighting design logical summarized as "three rates". "3 rate" refers to the pass rate, the stay rate and the purchase rate respectively. Pass rate, that is, how to attract customers effectively; Retention, that is, how to create a comfortable shopping environment; The purchase rate is linked to how the product is better displayed. Below, we will take Hema Fresh food supermarket as an example, from the lighting design, tells the business of Hema Fresh food supermarket.




In the fruit,vegetable and standard products area of the traditional Hema Fresh food supermarket, the lighting scheme combines RGB color-changing light belt with spotlights, bringing a sense of spatial science and technology through the change of light color. Although the scene is dazzling and cool, but its existence of light color, the problem brought by the lack of finger cannot be ignored. A new generation of shops, provide the basis for a unified choose HONOURTEK high color rendering index lighting, 4000k color temperature, create a comfortable shopping environment, light nature return to the supermarket. Simple splicing modeling instead of complex modeling to achieve spatial integration. Add custom track lights, high show true and original color, effectively enhance customer’s shopping desire.









Fresh area should not only show the color and freshness of fresh products, but also identify different fresh products. Appropriate light color will directly affect the purchase rate. Here choose to guide rail fresh light, professional color temperature fit commodity property, build relaxed, fresh feeling.



"Live cooking" is one of the selling points of Hema Fresh food supermarket, this area to the light color requirements, to create a dining atmosphere. Color temperature selection is also different from the shelf area, by reducing the illumination to create a comfortable dining light environment.

The biggest difference between Hema Fresh food supermarket and traditional retail lies in the use of big data, mobile Internet, intelligent Internet of things, automation and other technologies and advanced equipment. Hema Fresh food supermarket APP is used as the connection port to realize digital connection among people, goods and market. In every Hema Fresh food supermarket supermarket, there is a self - checkout area. The demand for illumination in this area is uniform illumination, bright and transparent, high-power downlight meets the demand for illumination, and deep anti-glare brings comfortable experience.

Food lighting Tracking light (with Honourtek products)


Supermarket Application Series

HRB1220-40-92-36-A001-F1  Shelves

HRB1220-25-97-36-W000-F1  Bread

HRB1220-30-92-36-B000-F1  Fruit

HRA1220-32-70-36-M200-F1  Fresh meat

HRB1220-50-92-36-A001-F1  Vegetables

HRB1220-70-82-36-A001-F1   Seafood


Using HONOURTEK supermarket series COB LED light source, professional color more prominent characteristics of goods, hypermarket, boutique supermarket stores, department stores, convenience stores and other places of lighting provide local accent lighting show that Ra > 90 on average, light color excellent results, real reduction. It is widely used in large stores, boutique supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores and other lighting places to provide local key lighting.